"Grosso McCarthy understands the way in which the health care sector functions, the needs and priorities of the public sector and has the analytical and verbal skills to translate that into strategy."
- Danielle Donadio, Senior Director of Healthcare, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

Strategic Support

Our team has extensive ongoing experience in health care strategy and policy that turns challenges into opportunities for clients. We know the players and the landscape. Our ability to know where health policy is heading provides our clients with the ability to get ahead of the curve, to seize opportunities before the competition and manage risk proactively. Our strategic services include:

  • Ongoing intelligence on policy direction and sector-wide developments
  • Strategic analysis of policy directions and their impact on your organization
  • Analysis on the perceptions of key stakeholders
  • Strategic advice on how to position your "ask" to government and industry
  • Negotiations with government and other stakeholders
  • Committee membership and support

Public Affairs

Grosso McCarthy has an impressive record of getting wins. We bring to the table extensive experience, working collaboratively both within government and externally to effect policy changes and implement new initiatives. We know how government works and how to position you most effectively. Grosso McCarthy has tremendous credibility with government based on our track record and also on the strength of the relationships we have with senior officials and key stakeholders. This allows us to obtain candid input and status on your file. We know that successful government relations strategies must do a lot more than secure meetings. They must take into account the political landscape, the players involved, the policy directives and the process required to move issues forward. Our job is to help you identify opportunities to align your business objectives with those of government in order to find mutually beneficial solutions. Our public affairs services include:

  • Government relations strategies
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Access to key government officials
  • Meeting support
  • Development of documentation and briefing notes to support campaign
  • Ongoing strategic advice to support government relations strategy
  • Ongoing intelligence gathering
  • Issue management

Stakeholder Relations

Grosso McCarthy can help you build and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders that can have a significant impact on your business. Understanding your champions and your opponents and how to engage, manage or move them is crucial to advancing your issues. We can help you identify and engage external champions and manage a diverse range of stakeholders by creating specific and tailored approaches to each. Our stakeholder relations services include:

  • Relationship building and management
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Ongoing intelligence and issues management
  • Strategic advice
  • Facilitation and engagement


Strategic Communications

Grosso McCarthy is a team of expert communicators, well versed in the tactics necessary to advance agendas with a wide range of target audiences. We help you get the intelligence you need, shape the stories you tell to government decision-makers and other stakeholders and help you tell those stories so that they have the greatest possible impact. Grosso McCarthy knows how to use strategic communications to get results. Our strategic communications services include:

  • Development and implementation of strategic communications plans
  • Key message development and dissemination
  • Ongoing issues management
  • Ongoing strategic communications advice
  • Presentation development

Media Relations

Earned media is an important component to any successful government or stakeholder relations strategy. Managing public opinion is a top government priority so it is not surprising that daily media clips rule the day in the halls of government. Both principals, Francesca Grosso and Mike McCarthy have had longstanding relationships with key media outlets and key journalists. We have a proven track record of strategic story placement and extensive experience as regular contributors to major media including television, print and radio. Grosso McCarthy effectively uses our strong media relationships to support your goals. These services include:

  • Media relations strategy
  • Identification of earned media opportunities
  • Placement of earned media
  • Media training and preparation
  • Story pitching and interview coordination
  • Press release development and dissemination
  • Ongoing media monitoring


No strategy or initiative can be successful without the appropriate tools to support it. This means creating a host of documents and materials to help you move your agenda forward. Grosso McCarthy is a team of accomplished writers who have extensive experience developing the materials you need to succeed. We have written articles for major newspapers, authored policy white papers, annual reports and research reports. Francesca Grosso has co-authored a best selling book - Navigating Canada's Health Care, (Decter, Grosso) which is now in its second printing. We can create whatever materials are needed to support your campaign:

  • Press releases
  • Op-ed articles
  • Briefing notes
  • White papers
  • Internal and external newsletters and bulletins
  • Annual reports
  • Research reports
  • Fundraising promotional material

Online Communications

Grosso McCarthy can help you make the best use of online communications tools to support your broader business objectives or as a key component to specific projects and initiatives. Making the most of your website and other social media tools is an efficient and effective way to reach and engage with a wide audience. Our online communications services include:

  • Initial website audit with recommendations on content, layout and organization
  • Liaise with web designers to develop full web concepts and outlines
  • Content drafting and editing and full implementation of approved outlines
  • Ongoing posting and updating to reflect the most current organizational information
  • Social media campaign strategic advice and implementation


The Excellent Care for All Strategy has required massive efforts to usher in greater quality health service delivery across Ontario. Government is looking to providers to ensure that services are more closely aligned to quality outcomes. We have also entered the age of greater accountability. Funding will require a business case that can demonstrate value for money with reporting mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability. Patient based funding will require care settings to provide high quality, high volume services.

In the community setting, integrated client care will ensure that resources are properly allocated for quality as well as efficiency and accountability. In order to ensure the appropriate allocation of resources, health care organizations have to continually evaluate the needs of those they serve and measure how successfully they are meeting those needs. The Grosso McCarthy team provides 'excellent care' readiness assessment.

Excellent Care:

  • Quality measures
  • Effectiveness targets
  • Efficiency targets
  • Measurement and accountability
  • Business cases
  • Governance

Performance Measurement:

  • Needs assessments
  • Program and service reviews
  • Performance measurement and framework building
  • Evaluation; creation of tools for analysis and frameworks
  • Data analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Logic modeling for mapping inputs to outcomes
  • Recommendations for optimizing delivery based on results
  • Staff training and support to ensure successful change management

Case Costing:

  • General utilization management
  • Case costing
  • Episode and patient based costing
  • Integrated client care costing
  • Quality efficiency and effectiveness measurement development and testing