"Francesca Grosso and Mike McCarthy understand policy, government, business and especially, healthcare. Grosso McCarthy was absolutely instrumental in transforming our policy approach to allow what we had to offer to be understood and accepted by the healthcare system and government. Our patients and our shareholders are the better for it."
- Peter Suma, Board of Directors and Co-Founder, PharmaTrust
Grosso McCarthy is an organization founded on expertise in health care policy, strategy and communications. Our team is comprised of senior level health care strategists with complementing skills and experience. Our diverse backgrounds and extensive experience across all aspects of health care policy, planning and delivery make us a team uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals.

Here are just six examples of our achievements in the health care sector:

  • Helped enable a world-leading remote drug dispense technology for Ontario:
    This involved working with the corporation to gain acceptance in the health care sector and overcome stakeholder opposition which was considerable. Grosso McCarthy helped craft legislative, policy and regulatory solutions and produced numerous fact finding papers to respond to government and stakeholder concerns. The work also involved communications and earned media and an extensive government relations effort. The results - the implementation of a regulatory framework in Ontario that will allow the corporation to mass produce and distribute their innovative technology.
  • $2.4 billion settlement for Hepatitis C victims:
    Michael McCarthy was responsible for launching a major national campaign to advocate to governments to provide financial compensation to the victims of Hepatitis C contracted from tainted blood. Through a highly successful media campaign and direct dealings with the Prime Minister's Office and senior officials he procured the largest settlement of its kind in Canada. In addition Michael's efforts led to a safer blood system.
  • Dispute resolution of a $69 million hospital build:
    On behalf of a major Canadian builder, Grosso McCarthy advocated for and won a dispute with the Ontario Government regarding the Sunnybrook M Wing, a capital project worth $69 million. Grosso McCarthy worked with government to find a solution that would allow the build to take place while at the same time respecting a major shift in policy on capital projects.
  • Advocated for and secured operational funding for PET scans in Ontario:
    Together with the industry association, Grosso McCarthy put together the policy rationale and created and implemented a full advocacy campaign to secure funding for PET scans.
  • Created a partnership between the federal government and a major home care provider in Ontario on a national wait time guarantee pilot project for First Nation communities:
    This work led to a recent roll out of the project across Canada with specific emphasis on projects in Manitoba and Ontario. The project has since received significant financial support from provincial and federal governments.
  • Forged a partnership between the federal government and 16 pediatric centres across Canada to create a pediatric wait time reduction initiative:
    The project was one of only 3 projects funded by the federal government to test clinical pathways to reduce wait times. Grosso McCarthy worked with an internationally renowned Canadian pediatric teaching hospital to secure additional provincial funding for this project.


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Print Media:

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Over 10 OP ED pieces authored by Francesca Grosso for syndicate publication across Ontario Osprey newspapers